Control panel for the management of 1 or more pumps.

It can be used with either a digital pressure switch or a mechanical pressure switch.

It is equipped with 4 different working modes.

It stops the pump in case of lack of water and protects it from dry running.

Stops the pump in case of overcurrent and protects the motor.

It is equipped with automatic rearms and anti-jamming function.

Only one model for single-phase pumps from 0 to 3 HP.

Standard connection of floats or probes.

It is equipped with safety fuses.

Data transmission with NFC technology as standard.


Main voltage 230 Vac
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Max motor current 2x 16A / 2x 3 HP
Dry running protection
Automatic restarts
Anti-jamming function
Overcurrent protection
Works with pressure sensor and/or pressure switches

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